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A Guide to Wedding Band Finishes

June 10th, 2021

In the search for the perfect wedding band, you will likely consider the materials, size, price, and style first. One of the most subtle but impactful features of your romantic keepsake is the wedding band finish.

Shiny, polished, sandblasted, or wire brushed. The options can make your head spin. Luckily, we have assembled a wedding band finishes guide to help you understand how each finish can impact your look and which one is right for your lifestyle.

Wedding Band Finishes 101

No matter what wedding band material you choose, its finish can elevate an already breathtaking precious metal. Explore a wide range of intricately crafted textures that can not just literally reflect you but also complement your unique personality.

Looking for a timeless option? Polished bands may be for you. Want a more rugged look? Check out hammered finishes. Each finish brings a different but striking aspect to the piece.

They say don't judge a book by its cover but how can you not with such remarkable handiwork?


As the most popular choice, polished finishes offer a remarkable level of reflection for those that want to stand out. Smooth and brilliant, a polished finish can develop a natural patina over time that you can wear proudly or get repolished to return to its original luster. Its reflective sheen does have a downside, though. Scratches are easier to see.


Satin finish, also known as the matte finish, features a smooth look with a flat or dull luster. Instead of reflecting the light, it diffuses it. If you don’t want to have the bold and brilliant look of polished bands, a satin finish may be right for you. Plus, scratches aren’t as easily visible.


As a type of matte finish, the sandblasted finish has a coarse and grainy look and feel, perfect for the rugged fashionista. Sandblasted finishes provide a balanced and muted look that exudes cool. Don’t worry, it doesn’t show off scratches and other flaws.


Similar to the satin finish, a brushed finish has a flat appearance and a soft sheen. Upon closer inspection, you will see tiny brush marks across its surface displaying meticulous craftsmanship. While this finish type retains its finish longer than sandblasted bands, it will still require refinishing to keep the matte luster.


If you are looking for a rare finish, then Florentine might be for you. To create a Florentine finish, craftsmen must meticulously carve a striking crosshatch pattern into the precious metal. While your band may not be as brilliant as a polished finish, it showcases immaculate attention to detail and a design detail not often seen.


For a more rugged and sculpted look, the hammered finish has an eye-catching texture. Finishes vary depending on the shape of the hammer used. Its muted finish reduces glare for a cool and sleek vibe. Classic hammered finishes use a round face hammer to leave an intricate pattern of overlapping dimples on the band. While vertical hammered finishes use a long thin hammer to create a striped pattern forming rivulets running down the band.

Find Your Perfect Wedding Band Finish at Azzi Jewelers

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