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2022 Engagement Ring Trends

December 5th, 2021

When it comes to a wedding proposal, not just any old ring will do. The engagement ring you choose will represent perhaps the most significant union of your life. This is a purchase you will be carrying with you forever.

A lot goes into selecting the right ring. We have curated a list of all the latest engagement ring trends for 2022, so you do not have to search far and wide to find what is fashionable. Whether you value tradition or long for a modern twist, our list features an array of classic and contemporary styles alike.

Marquise-Level Elegance

Marquise diamonds are shaped like footballs with curved sides and pointed ends. These diamonds have an illustrious history. It is said that Louis XV had the marquise cut fashioned after the shape of his lover's lips, the Marquise of Pompadour. The elongated shape of a marquise diamond makes it appear larger than traditional cuts, perfect for those seeking to maximize the luster emitting from their ring.

This Zeghani Halo Crown Engagement Ring is an elegant example of the marquise design on display. The exquisite shape of this center-stone is sure to draw attention to its radiance.

Dual Rows of Gemstones

Double-banded rings cater to couples looking for unique designs that will command a crowd's attention. The double-band design gives the center gem the impression of being suspended between glittering rows of pave set stones. Double-banded rings build on the stacking trend by giving your piece a layered aesthetic.

This Michael M Defined Engagement Ring features an eye-catching design of two rows of diamonds on either side of the center set in classic, 18k yellow gold. The Asscher cut center stone is a rich adornment that makes it hard to look away.

Classic Colors

Adding color to your ring is a fun way to stand out and express your unique personality. Our attire, especially our jewelry, is a form of expression. Adding color is a brilliant way to reveal feelings that words fail to express. Red stones convey passion and strength, while green stones represent abundance and nature.

For the Love of Vintage

Vintage-inspired rings emphasize iconic designs that modern shoppers adore. However, these new designs feature contemporary twists that enable us to call them our own, unique pieces.

Vintage-inspired rings offer a sense of class and high importance. These designs are for those who value refinement and tradition above all else. This ArtCarved Vintage Engagement Ring is pleasantly impressive with round, pave-set diamonds featuring 14k white gold.

Originality Is Key

Custom designs are growing in popularity as couples seek original ways to engage in matrimony. What better way to show off your individuality than a custom-designed engagement ring? Personalizing lets you incorporate your heart-felt tale of love and romance into the ring. If you are looking for ways to add elements of excitement to the wedding, consider a custom-made engagement ring.

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