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The setting of the engagement ring truly dictates the whole appearance of the ring. From the curves of the silhouette to how comfortable it rests on your finger, the setting is the most important decision in selecting the ring that will be worn for a lifetime. Choose from delicately unadorned rings to glamorous diamond details like side stones set in a prong, pavé, or channel setting. Our expert engagement ring setting guide will help you find the perfect ring to represent your beautiful love story.


Solitaire diamond rings have stood the test of time and changes in fashion trends. Because the emphasis is meant to be on the center diamond, solitaire rings do not have any side stones. Over the years, this single stone ring has been the symbol of a lifelong love for more married couples than any other setting. The iconic ring setting has evolved to be delicately bold, rising from its roots as an unadorned shank to include cathedral settings with hidden diamond detailing and intricate metalwork, negating the need for additional gemstones. 


If you want all eyes on your ring, opt for a halo ring. Even the highest carat diamond looks more captivating surrounded by a magnificent halo of glimmering stones. For those who prefer a more rigidly cut diamond, such as a princess cut or marquise diamond, a halo can soften the sharper edges for a valiantly refined style. A second halo only bolsters the brilliance and attention-grabbing look of the ring, while one-of-a-kind mosaic or floral halos make the ring beautifully distinct. 


Another setting that frames the center stone with a bit of extra sparkle is the side stone ring. Subtle yet dazzling diamonds set along the shank are the perfect support for any center diamond. The side stones can be as minimalist or as daring as you would like, from classic stylings like pavé-set diamonds to serpentine designs within the metalwork that will cause eyes to linger on your finger a few seconds longer. Side stone rings are a popular choice for their customizability and added glamour.


An engagement ring is more than a piece of jewelry—it is a lifelong emblem of your love. Revel in this sentiment with a three stone ring, which represents your past, present and future as a couple. While this desirable design typically features a large center stone flanked by two smaller stones, the size and shape of the side stones can be adapted to alter the aesthetic of the ring. Uniformly sized stones magnify the ring’s luster, symbolizing equal importance of all aspects of your love’s trajectory. An elongated shaped center stone offers a sleek and magnificent style, increasing the light reflection thanks to a larger surface area. Paired with marquise or baguette side stones, this dynamic ring is like no other.


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