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The center stone has a significant influence on the overall appearance of an engagement ring. One of the most important factors to consider is what diamond shape to ultimately choose. Each diamond cut possesses its own flair, from the celebrated round brilliant to the daring emerald cut. Learn more about diamond shapes with this guide from the experts at Azzi Jewelers.


The round cut diamond is one of the most popular diamond shapes. Crafted with 58 facets, the round diamond offers a truly unparalleled sparkle. Those who prefer a higher brilliance should opt for this cut, as it allows for plenty of light to reflect off the stone. Additionally, the round cut diamond is a timeless choice that is not likely to go out of style. Due to its popularity, you will find the most variety of engagement rings to choose from that feature this dazzling cut.


Known for its distinctive square shape, the princess cut diamond is another crowd favorite. The princess cut is a modified version of the round brilliant— offering equal radiance, but with a chic, modern feel. Beaming and glamorous, the princess cut is easily complimented by a halo or a three stone ring setting. With its distinctive geometric shape, this diamond cut is ideal for those looking to make a statement.


The oval cut diamond is also considered a modified brilliant. This cut has a specific facet placement that creates a captivating sparkle with an increased surface area. The refined oval shape with soft edges makes it less likely to chip. Other favored characteristics include the shape's ability to give the appearance of longer, more slender fingers. Frequently set on rose gold or yellow gold bands, the combination offers the wearer a true vintage appeal.


The emerald cut diamond is characterized by its striking clarity and parallel cut facets which present a deep illumination. Bold, daring, and unique, emerald cut diamonds make up only 3% of the world's diamonds, which is likely the reason they have become one of the most sought-after shapes. Highlight an emerald cut’s clean lines with a solitaire setting, or choose a three stone ring with two baguette side stones for a more pronounced appearance.


Those who prefer a graceful, feminine style should consider choosing a pear shaped diamond as the center stone of the engagement ring. Delicate curves on one end are paired with a marquise-like point on the other in this alluring diamond shape. When it comes to handpicking a pear shaped diamond, options can be found with a long, slender silhouette or one that is on the shorter side, yet more robust. Compliment a pear shaped center stone with a solitaire setting, or create additional radiance with a halo.