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Upgrade Your Engagement Ring

When To Upgrade Your Engagement Ring

Your engagement ring holds incredible memories and serves as a symbol of your everlasting commitment to one another throughout your lives together. This intensely sentimental ring may always have a special place in your heart, but you can still dream for a different type of ring. An upgrade may be exactly what your engagement ring needs, and our experts at Azzi Jewelers have put together a guide to popular ways to reignite the passion you feel for your ring design.

Upgrade to a Larger Diamond

Perhaps you love everything about your ring, but wish that the center diamond was bigger. One of the most popular ways to upgrade your engagement ring is by increasing the carat size of your center stone. Maybe when you got engaged it was all that you could afford, but now after years of growth and success, you can afford to splurge on the diamond of your dreams.

Change to a Different Diamond Shape

Another popular way that people can easily upgrade and transform their engagement ring is by changing the center diamond’s shape. Perhaps you went with a classic round diamond, but over the years began to admire princess cut or oval shaped rings. Changing the shape of the center stone will make the ring look brand new again as each cut has its own personality, such as glamorous cushion cuts or sophisticated emerald cut diamond rings. This would be great for a couple after a decade or more of being together for a fresh style.

Add Extra Diamonds

A solitaire engagement ring can reach new heights of brilliance with the addition of diamonds along the band to accent the center stone. Side stones set with prongs, a bezel, or in a channel or pave setting will give the radiant framing that your ring deserves. This is great for those who especially love their center stone but still would like to change up their ring and make it more fashion-forward as well as sparkling. A halo of smaller diamonds around the center stone will showcase the ring in a wonderful way. Designers create several halo rings that will be incredibly admired.

Change the Setting

If you like the stones on your ring, but the design and setting feel outdated or not your style anymore, there is an upgrade solution for that. By changing the setting of your ring and incorporating your old ring’s diamonds and gemstones, you’re breathing new life into one of your most sentimentally and monetarily valuable pieces. Place the center stone from your solitaire into a halo setting or an intricate side stone setting. Add a couple of colorful gemstones or different shaped diamonds for a three stone setting that is both romantic and beautiful. There are so many opportunities to upgrade the setting of your engagement ring.

Use a Different Type of Metal

Perhaps what you truly want to change is the metal type all together. No matter if you had a yellow gold ring and now want a white gold ring, or if you want a two-tone ring combining rose gold and platinum, it’s possible. The stones from your previous ring can then be integrated into the new precious metal setting you choose. This upgrade will leave you with a brand new ring to be enjoyed for generations, or until you feel like changing things up again.

Upgrade Your Engagement Ring at Azzi Jewelers

We look forward to helping you upgrade your engagement ring at Azzi Jewelers. Our skilled professionals can work with you to create your unique engagement ring that fits all of your criteria. Browse the incredible jewelry designers we house to get inspired when you visit our Lansing jewelry store for an amazing experience each time you visit. Our dedication remains with providing the best customer service along with the finest pieces of jewelry to continue your love story.

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