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Why We Won the LCN 2017 People's Choice Awards

November 30th, 2017


Customer Service

You know what you need, what you want, and what you like. Learning a customer is never easy, and there isn't typically time to get to know someone before making a sale. That's why those first few moments are so very important. Many jewelers would prefer to tell you what's currently fashionable, or what's currently discounted. They choose to focus on their agenda and their needs. It makes a huge difference when the focus is on the customer. It might seem old fashioned, but it's often most productive to simply listen. If you pay attention, customers will tell what they need, or they'll at least be able to provide enough details to get you both moving in the right direction. That's usually all that's needed to help them find jewelry that they'll love, and that aids in building the trust and communication that is so incredibly important and valuable in any business.


You can get quantity at a thousand different stores. There are plenty of places to find an abundance of cheap jewelry. You might not care for most of it, but it's always available. Quality is what people want when they're planning to celebrate an anniversary, pop the question, or to commemorate any number of special occasions. When it comes to diamonds and jewelry, the quality of the product itself is just as essential as the quality of the customer service. No one wants to spend their hard-earned money on something that's simply not worth it. Jewelry can be handed down from generation to generation, so it's always worth keeping in mind that it isn't necessarily just one item for one person. This could become a family heirloom. That's a lot of responsibility, and it's the attention to detail that makes the difference between something that's just decent, versus something that's amazing. You should always be in awe of your jewelry, even if it's something that you wear every day.

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