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Trending Designs That Beautify a Woman's Hand

February 10th, 2017

Rings in a Jewelry Box

  • Color – Accent stones of color make the ring stand out. The color could be provided by a colored diamond or other stone, such as an emerald, ruby, or sapphire. These stones will enhance the natural beauty of the ring and give it a unique look that will separate it from the standard single color rings. Often you can choose from loose diamonds or stones to create the perfect accent.
  • Square band – Square bands are not common, but have many advantages over a round band. For one, they give the ring a unique look. Secondly, they are also more comfortable than a traditional round band. A square keeps the blood flowing in your finger because it doesn’t constrict like a round band.
  • Double shank – Why have only one band when you could have two? Two bands mean more places to put diamonds to give your engagement ring an even more elegant look. The unique look will certainly be a conversation starter among your friends.
  • Mixed metals – Combining different types of metals into a single ring helps it stand out and gives it a sophisticated and elegant look. One option is a mixed metal halo, where the stone is set in a different metal than the rest of the ring. This will make the stone look larger and provide it with a unique accent.
  • East west setting – This setting turns an engagement ring on its side, literally. Typically, an oval setting, this ring rotates the oval 90 degrees, placing the long side of the oval lengthwise on the band. It takes a traditional oval and gives it an exciting new twist, which will make it a conversation starter.

Rings on Display

Once you have decided that you want to spend the rest of your life with your significant other, the time has come to find the perfect ring. One great idea when you’re getting close to the right moment is to go window shopping for various women’s rings here in Michigan. Figure out what she likes ahead of time and you’ll be sure to amaze her when you pop the question.