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The Difference between Men's and Women's Ring

February 20th, 2018


Choosing the Right Ring for Men or Women

What you may or may not have noticed about women's rings, is they are flashy. Anything that quickly grabs your attention with a set of diamonds, is most likely a ring for women. Women's rings also tend to be smaller in size. An average women's ring size is 6.

For men, the ring would be wider and thicker. While men's rings still have some flash, it's usually minimal compared to women's. A good example would be a thick gold ring, with a small diamond socked in the middle. Men have larger fingers in terms of width, their average ring size is around 10.

Remember, the jeweler is someone who can answer any and all of your questions. If anyone knows the latest jewelry trends in Michigan, and what is surely to impress the your significant other, it would be them.

If you feel uncomfortable in a jewelry store, bring a friend! This is especially important if you are a male shopping for women's rings in Michigan. Visit Azzi Jewelers because we thrive on helping our customers find the best custom jewelry and engagement rings. You won't walk away disappointed.

Making the Right Choice on Your Rings

On a final note, you should never buy jewelry that feels uncomfortable to you in any way. This is something that you, or your loved one will wear for years. While we dress up mainly to impress others, you should always be comfortable in the jewelry you wear. If you need any more tips from the professionals at your local Michigan jewelry stores, don’t hesitate to give Azzi Jewelers a call! (517) 332-7900!

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