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The Custom Jewelry Design Process

June 14th, 2017


A Piece of Your Own

By consulting with our gem specialists, we can design a perfect piece of jewelry for your needs. Our designers will collaborate with you by reviewing samples and sketches in order to create custom designed jewelry that can best complement stone quality, precious metals, and wear.

Design Modelling

Through computer-aided design (CAD) drawings, our staff can take your design and create photorealistic images so you can see how your jewelry will appear when completed. We will render the model until it fits your requirements.

In addition, we can create a 3-D wax model of your piece so you can see a detailed, tangible form of your jewelry. As a later stage of production, we attempt to make sure your design will accurately become a reality.

Cast and Finish

Our jewelers take pride in their creations. Once your piece has been cast and finished, we will set the loose diamonds by hand and polish it to guarantee the highest quality. We will inspect each piece to ensure the assembly process has yielded a memorable piece.

Finished Product

We hope you love your final product. We want to create a unique piece for you which you can pass on to members of your family. We welcome your input throughout the production process to guarantee that the finished product is to your liking. Our goal is to create a beautiful piece of wearable art, and we want you to collaborate with us.