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How to Match Your Wedding Band to Your Engagement Ring

October 1st, 2019

How to Match Your Wedding Band to Your Engagement Ring

Every couple has the option to choose what works right for them; this is your journey, and you can choose your rings accordingly. One thing that is important for many couples is matching the engagement ring with the wedding band. Both women’s and men’s rings look lovely when they are well-made and designed with the couple in mind. Here are some suggestions as to how to match your wedding band to your engagement ring.

Straight Bands, Simple Solutions

First things first, you want your engagement rings for women and the wedding band to complement each other and work well together. Modern engagement rings tend to have a larger gemstone situated perfectly on a gorgeous band, and this set can match the wedding band, which is usually a simpler, yet still stunning ring.

One of the first steps in matching these rings is to determine whether your engagement ring could sit flush with a straight wedding band. Some of the most beautiful classic engagement rings are designed to sit flush with a straight band, which is perhaps the easiest way to match these two rings.

If you can find an engagement ring style with an elevated head, this will enable the center gemstone to rest above the band. Your trusted local jewelry store staff will do a wonderful job of ensuring your ring is the desired cut, while also leaving space for the addition of a wedding band.

Matching Engagement Ring and Wedding Band

Charming Contouring and Notching

While many couples opt for the simple option of straight wedding bands with similar designs to the engagement ring, including matched sets that are perfectly coordinated, it’s possible to make just about anything work. When engagement rings have elaborated, elegant shapes, a custom-fitted wedding band may be the right solution. Custom jewelry designers can make that happen, so that neither ring looks out of place, and the two-look gorgeous together.

There are several design techniques made with readily available technology that allows for easy integration of engagement rings and wedding bands. It’s likely you’ve seen the results of these techniques at social gatherings or family functions, as many women are sporting engagement rings with a contoured or notched wedding band.

Contoured wedding bands are carefully designed to perfectly match and align with the curvature of the engagement ring. Typically, this means the band is shaped at the front to meet the contours of the engagement ring, with a straight back. This is the most popular technique for elegant, flush wedding ring designs.

A notched wedding band is entirely straight, and rather than bending around the gemstone of the engagement ring, the wedding band has a notch that fits the two rings together, similar to puzzle pieces. Custom-designed wedding rings need to be wide enough to safely and securely fit this notch. Some rings even need both the contouring and notching methods to produce a gorgeous, close fit, especially if there is an elongated shape such as an emerald, marquise, or oval cut.

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