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How to Choose the Right Diamond Wedding Band

December 1st, 2019

How to Choose the Right Diamond Wedding Band

If you’ve already gotten engaged, and now you’re in the next step of wedding planning, you’re probably thinking about diamond wedding bands in Lansing, MI. After all, these gorgeous rings are a symbol of your love, devotion, and commitment to one another as you embark on this new journey together. It can be fun, yet a bit overwhelming to try and find the right diamond wedding band, as there is such a superb selection to choose from at local jewelry stores. Here’s everything you need to know about choosing the right diamond wedding band to reflect your romance and relationship.

The Basics of Beautiful Wedding Bands

When exploring your options for wedding rings, you want to keep in mind that there are three broad categories for bands for both men and women. These categories are plain, diamond, and gemstone. A plain wedding ring has a metal band without gemstones, although there may be embellishments like metal inlays or milgrain.

Plain wedding rings may come in hammered or brushed finishes, as well as a variety of fits, which determine how the ring sits on the finger and how high it extends off the finger. There’s the comfort fit, for a more rounded inner edge and a low dome ring with a less rounded crest to consider, for example.

Perhaps diamond or gemstone is more you style. A diamond wedding band may be an eternity style with a complete encircling of diamonds, or an anniversary band with partial diamonds. You can pick and choose which setting option you prefer, with some of the most popular choices being bar, bezel, channel, flush mount, and shared prong. With gemstone bands, there’s a magical mix of sapphires and diamonds or other gemstones for a bright pop of color.

diamond wedding bands in Lansing, MI

Magnificent Metals for Wedding Rings

Once you’ve decided whether you want a plain, diamond, or gemstone wedding band, you can further explore your options for different metals. One of the most classic options is a diamond, which will always be set in platinum or gold because these two medals are strong and sturdy enough to protect and support such a precious stone.

Platinum is a naturally white metal that can be buffed and shined. This is a noble metal because it has an impressive ability to resist corrosion and oxidation, making platinum an ideal metal for wedding bands. Gold is another timeless choice, with options for yellow, white, and rose-colored gold.

If plain wedding bands are your preference, you will find that there’s more options for metals, including palladium, cobalt, and tungsten. Cobalt is cool because it’s very hard, hypoallergenic, and resistant to scratches. You can choose black or white finishes for cobalt, while tungsten is another top metal that’s a bit heavier, but also highly resistant to scratches and tarnishes. Grey tungsten wedding rings are a sleek and stylish choice, too.

The Perfect Wedding Ring for Your Personality

Choosing wedding bands is exciting and fun, because you have an excellent selection to decide from and you get to put your personality and preferences into the rings. Some couples prefer matched wedding bands that pair seamlessly with the engagement ring, while others like complimentary rings that create a bit of charming contrast. It’s up to you to decide on what you find most flattering and beautiful for you and your significant other, although professional jewelers can help significantly with this process.

If you want to find the right diamond wedding band before your big day, visit the experts at Azzi Jewelers today!