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How to Choose Spring Engagement Rings

May 10th, 2018


Spring is a time for warmth, so if you like the idea of a diamond on a white gold band but it seems too stark for you, then you may want to consider mixing your metals and add a little bit of rose gold into the picture. That little bit of rose color peeking through can make the ring seem friendlier. When you look at engagement rings in Michigan, make sure you find one with a little color somewhere. It doesn’t necessarily have to be in the band, but it should be somewhere.


There are many options when it comes to the stone or stones you set in the ring. Of course, the solitaire is always timeless, and a simple diamond centered on the band is always classy, but it does lack some flair. Right now, the East-West style is very popular for women’s rings in Lansing. That is a setting where the jeweler places the diamond in an unusual way, either horizontally or vertically. These aren’t always symmetrical stones, so you can get creative with the design, incorporating your fiancé’s tastes or seasonal symbols like an Easter egg. You can also use the stones to introduce some color into the ring in honor of the season. For instance, you could get three-stone engagement rings in Michigan with a diamond in the center, flanked by stones with some soft color. These side stones can come in some interesting cuts, too.