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How Does Diamond Cut Affect Price?

January 16th, 2018


So, why not brighten up this freezing Michigan winter with some sparkle? Maybe you're going for a surprise proposal on your mountain getaway over the long MLK day weekend or simply looking to show someone you care.

Regardless of your reason, if you're looking to buy a diamond, your best bet is to stay informed. The cut of the diamond you purchase can actually affect the price by more than 30%. Whether you're looking for something simple online or you're buying an engagement ring in Michigan, you want a style that will please both your S.O. and your wallet.

Round Cut

This may come as a surprise, but this by far the most expensive diamond cut. First of all, there is a much higher demand for round diamonds than any other cut. This, coupled with the fact that diamond cutters must use a larger rough diamond, causes the price to skyrocket 30% higher than average. The size of the rough diamond results in more wasted material, of which each carat is counted in the cost of the final product.

Marquise and Oval

For similar reasons, these are the next most expensive kind of cut. However, they barely touch round cut in price (averaging about $1000 less), and are quite attractive and classic. Consider these oblong diamonds as an alternative of similar quality to round cut diamonds.

Princess Cut/ Other "Fancy" Cuts

You'd think that a more labor-intensive cut would increase the price of the diamond, but it's actually the cost of raw material used which determines the price. Princess, pear, heart- shaped, and radiant diamonds all average at least 1,500 dollars less than the round cut diamond. Princess cut diamonds are particularly popular and affordable, as the shape allows for about 80% of the rough diamond to be preserved. For reference, princess diamonds are square-shaped with defined edges and a customer/ retailer favorite.

If you have any further questions about diamond shape regarding price, simply call or visit local jewelry stores in Lansing, MI, and ask about engagement rings in Michigan. A diamond retailer will be happy to speak with you and walk you through your purchase. In the meantime, stay warm and informed!