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Gift Ideas for Your Wife on Mother?s Day

April 3rd, 2018

Engagement ring in tulip

Pretty in Pink

Rose gold is becoming a very popular type of gold. Giving off a luminescent quality, this pink take on classic gold has the ability to flatter every skin tone. And while it's a trendy style, it's not so common that it loses its fascination.

Square Bands

Once considered a somewhat masculine look, a square band is very feminine and comfortable shape for a ring. A distinctive style, the square shape doesn't pinch the fingers in the corner, as the inside of the ring is smooth. And gemstones seem to really stand out in square banded rings.

Classic Looks from the Last Century

Whether you get an actual vintage ring, or a new ring that's inspired by older designs, a ring with a classic Art Deco or Victorian design has a timeless quality that the trendier styles lack. At once playful and legendary, rings that look like they came out of the late 19th and early 20th centuries make a memorable impact.

Decorative Sides

A ring with an elaborate design, or additional gemstones, running along the side of the ring can really add a startling effect. With the ability to sparkle when viewed from any angle, you'll wonder why all rings aren't made like this.

Pear-Shaped Gemstones

Round and square diamonds will always be the most popular, but pear-shaped and teardrop-shaped gemstones are making a big comeback. This very unique look never fails to impress a woman.

Whatever you choose while shopping for engagement rings in Michigan, fixing her breakfast in bed and bringing it to her in a box is the best way to remind her that you love her more than anyone else.