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Flattering Jewel Tones for Your Complexion

May 17th, 2016

Skin Tone

Before you can match jewelry to your skin tone, you need to know what skin tone you have! There are generally variations on two skin tones: cool and warm. Take a peak at your wrist in natural light to get a sense of what tone you have. A cool skin tone has bluish veins with a pink or red undertone. A warm skin tone has more greenish veins with a yellow or golden undertone. It doesn't matter if you're pale or dark, you can have either cool or warm skin tones.


The metal is the base of any jewelry and is as important as the stones for a flattering look. For cool skin, stick to cool metals like white gold, silver, platinum, stainless steel, and titanium. For warm skin tones, choose more brown or yellow metals like yellow or rose gold, copper, brass, and pewter.


After you've got the right metal, the next step is determining the best gems to complement the metal and your complexion. Otherwise, the jewelry may make your skin look sickly, an no one wants that! A good guide for cool skin tones is to use jewel tones in the pink, red, blue, and purple families. Some great examples include white or rose pearls, ruby, amethyst, blue sapphire, opal, and topaz. For warm skin tones, choose jewel tones that are earthy like orange, yellow, brown, and green. A few popular choices include yellow sapphire, citrine, zircon, spessartite garnet, imperial topaz, emerald, jade, and peridot. When in doubt, white diamonds are classic and look good on any skin tone. You can find any of these gem options from jewelers in Michigan.