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Designing Custom Jewelry for Your Loved Ones

February 3rd, 2017

The Research Stage

The research stage is really twofold. First, you must find out what your loved one prefers and loves when it comes to jewelry. Is she an earring person? Does he love classic watches? Does she love white gold, or does he prefer a trendy rose gold? Take into account the person’s size, style, stone and metal preferences, and other details that will help you create something that they will truly love and want to wear.

The second stage involves gathering ideas. The internet is an excellent resource, since there are unlimited pictures you can peruse in order to nail down some specific and beautiful ideas.

The Consulting Stage

Once you have an idea of what your loved one likes and prefers, as well as a more specific idea of what you would like to create, it’s time to head in and start your creation. Professionals who specialize in custom jewelry design in Michigan can help you at this stage by showing you the options available, working with your budget, and creating an image as per your requests. Since your piece will be created from scratch, you are only limited by your imagination and your desired budget. You can use any combination of metals, stones, chains, or shapes that you desire, and your jeweler can help you make sure they all come together for the piece of jewelry.

The Creation Stage

After making sure that the idea you’ve come up with in your head matches the image the jeweler shows you, they will be able to mold and create your unique piece of jewelry. Depending on your needs, your timeline, and the complexity of your creation, you can get an estimate for how long this process will take.

The Giving Stage

Of course, after all the work of coming up with the perfect design and creating the perfect gift, the best reward is seeing your loved one actually open and enjoy the gift, appreciate your efforts, and wear the jewelry for many years to come.