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Custom Jewelry Ideas for Spring Weddings

February 6th, 2019

Custom Jewelry Ideas for Spring Weddings


Always a favorite gift and a great idea for pleasing your bridesmaids, there are many earrings that are ideal for a spring wedding. Leaf and daisy earrings deliver a seasonally appropriate look. They're delicate and distinguished enough to be worn for nearly any special occasion, even if it's a formal one. You could always opt for blossom or fleur earrings instead. They might not be as bold, but they can be worn for any occasion where gold earrings are appropriate. If you prefer something a bit more specific and specialized, wedding ruffle earrings are a real treat.


If you would like a larger statement piece, a necklace is a wonderful option. Necklaces can be as bold and chunky or as feminine and understated as you want, which allows for a wide array of choices and styles. A flower necklace is an excellent selection for spring, but it's minimalist in design and doesn't draw attention away from the dresses or other accessories. Look for a celestial necklace if you want something bolder and bigger. If it's your style, large, chunky jewelry could work beautifully. A touch of topaz or moonstone might match remarkably well, depending upon your wedding colors.


Don't forget the rings. Although the engaged couple will obviously have their own rings soon enough, they can even be used as gifts for your bridesmaids. There are several floral engagement rings that have matching wedding bands, so that's an option if you've planned for it. However, a vintage floral ring could be a lovely touch for your bridesmaids. Carved coral is gorgeous, timeless, and a vintage addition provides something that at least looks old. If you want to make the most out of spring's inspiration for your wedding, it's a custom jewelry option that really must at least be considered.


For a spring wedding, it's worth keeping in mind the styles and colors that match it. Any jewelry that incorporates a leaf, flower, blossom, or vine could potentially be used. Bright and radiant colors, or pale pastels, may work quite well. Many jewelers love to display seasonally appropriate items, so you should be able to find a great selection during spring.

There are many blue, pink, or purple stones that are both beautiful and appropriate for a spring wedding. Either yellow or white gold could be great as a metal. It can be tempting to overthink and overanalyze your choices, but that's not necessary. There's already enough to handle for a wedding. You don't need to let jewelry options overwhelm you. Simply use your best judgment and trust your instincts. You could always get feedback from your bridesmaids if you like.

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