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Bridesmaid Gifts She'll Wear Every Day

October 8th, 2018


Totes to Go

There are plenty of items that need to be on hand for your big day. Since the bride certainly isn't expected to have room to store all of the essentials, it's usually up to the bridesmaids to help out. A tote is practical, memorable, and can easily be personalized to commemorate the occasion. While totes will definitely be useful for the wedding and reception, they can still be quite helpful and appreciated even years later.

A Great Dish

Jewelry dishes make excellent gifts for bridesmaids. They're used basically every day, and they can be monogrammed to fit each individual. It's easy to adjust them for each person's unique style, whether you want to use particular colors or even a specific style of calligraphy. Jewelry dishes offer you a fun and colorful way to show every lady that she's important and special.

Wrapped and Ready

Who doesn't love a soft and comfy robe? They're wonderful for doing your hair and makeup in the morning or for relaxing and unwinding at the end of the day. There are plenty of fantastic fabrics and a number of different colors to choose from. Identifying the best choice for each bridesmaid shouldn't be difficult, and they could be included in your getting-ready photos. After all, you're going to be chronicling the whole day from start to finish. You might as well plan for some awesome group shots and candid snaps!

Jeweled Joys

If you want to kick things up a notch, you could always choose custom-designed jewelry in Michigan. It might be a littler fancier than people would normally anticipate, but it's easy to accommodate each person's sense of style. You can even incorporate birthstones, so everyone feels extra special.