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Best Valentine?s Day Jewelry Gifts

February 14th, 2017

Heart-shaped diamonds in Michigan

There are many different types of styles for jewelry. If you aren’t an expert on feminine styles, then you may want to take inventory before the day of reckoning. Understanding her jewelry style doesn’t need to be that complicated—just pay attention to what she already wears. That’s it! Are there flowers etched into that ring on her left hand? Or does it have simple lines and a single stone? Does she like pearl necklaces? Or is she more often wearing long, stringy necklaces with geometric patterns? Noticing these little details will help you deduce what kind of jewelry she might like, and might not.

Pick Your Polish

Some people like different earrings, and others prefer bracelets. Try to pick up on what she likes to wear the most of, and then adjust your purchase plans. Of course, if you’re trying to go for the more extravagant, there are certain timeless pieces that anyone would love, like diamond earrings. Get an idea of what particular item of jewelry you want to get her, and then you can start narrowing down your search. You can choose a metal, like rose gold or silver, and pair it with the appropriate gems, based off of what you’ve deduced about her style.

Heart-shaped pendants in Michigan


A beautiful golden bracelet is such a thoughtful gift idea, but you know what takes it to the next level? Having it custom designed can. Whether it’s choosing the details of a jewel shape and ring base style or getting something specially engraved, there are several ways to make the jewelry piece that much more nuanced to their particular tastes and the particular aspects of your relationship with each other. Words of affection, or perhaps a favorite saying, make great engraving ideas to have etched into the inside of a bracelet or a ring, something that they can look at whenever they wear it and think of you.

The key to all of your jewelry searching is that you’re just looking for a way to express your affection, and to share with them something that embodies how you feel about them. Wanting to express to them the positive way that you see them, and to hint at the nuances and quirks of your relationship to each other, is what can make Valentine’s Day a lot more fun.