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Best Diamonds Rings for Women

August 2nd, 2019

Best Diamonds Rings for Women

The Sparkler

If your love thinks diamonds are a girl’s best friend, go for the maximum sparkle. For a timeless, elegant look, choose a solitaire diamond setting. The solitaire, with its single diamond or gemstone, is a classic design. The band is simple with no side stones. The solitaire is sleek and uncomplicated no matter what size stone or cut you choose. Because of the simple setting, you see more of the diamond. More light passes through the stone, showing off the diamond’s brilliance. A prong solitaire setting holds just about any cut including round, cushion, oval, and emerald.

Rock a Ruby

When shopping for custom engraved jewelry this month, ask about red and blue stones. Colored gemstones are growing in popularity and rubies are a favorite of many brides-to-be. Did you know a ruby is a red sapphire? And you thought sapphires only came in blue! Rubies aren’t only prized for their color. They’re also durable. If you select a ruby, you’ll wear a ring that can handle the knocks and bumps of daily life. Rubies can also handle heat and chemicals quite well. While this month we’re celebrating independence, the ruby celebrates passion and love. You can place a ruby in any setting with any metal. Add a touch of class by pairing a ruby with diamonds. Diamonds enhance the fiery sparkle of rubies.

Stylish Halo Setting

The Stylish Halo Setting

The halo has made a recent resurgence, but its history goes back to the 1920s. Art Deco was the style with its signature geometric designs and crisp filigree cutouts. Halo settings fit right in with the Art Deco style and many, like the ones popular today, had one high-carat diamond nestled in a collection of round pavé diamonds. People just can’t keep their eyes off a halo setting. The pave stones dazzle and bring the eye back to the center stone. While white-on-white creates a spectacular show, why not go with something unique and use red or blue pavé gemstones instead of diamonds? When you shop for custom diamond jewelry in Lansing, MI, be sure to try on at least one of these gorgeous ring styles.

Celebrate the Red White and Blue

If you’re looking for a ring with special meaning, a 3-stone ring, also called a trilogy ring, should be on your list of rings to preview. The 3-stone ring features a cluster of gemstones. Go traditional and make the center stone a diamond. The flanking stones can either be rubies or sapphires. Why not one of each? The point of the 3-stone ring is story telling. The three stones symbolize the story of your relationship. They could represent the past, present, and future, or they could symbolize special attributes of your relationship such as love, loyalty, and friendship. You have the freedom to make the stones mean whatever you want them to mean.

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