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Accessorizing Jewelry to Look Your Best for Valentines

February 10th, 2018


Where Are You Going?

The first thing you need to consider is the date itself. Utilizing jewelry that suits the date’s environment can make a huge difference. If it’s a date at a nice restaurant, you might want to consider more classier options, like fine jewelry from high-class jewelers. On the other hand, if the date is more casual, you should take more risks and center your outfit around more unique pieces.

What about You?

The important part about your look is that it yours. Therefore, you should do what you’re comfortable with and what best suits you. If you don’t feel comfortable with a lot of jewelry, stick to simple choices. These choices also depend on your body as well. Body size, skin tone, and face shape can all impact your jewelry decisions. In some cases, you want to pair opposites. Larger body sizes are complemented by simpler jewelry. In contrast, jewelry color should be similar to skin tone. For example, warm tones should go together.

What Else Are You Wearing?

Accessories aren’t the only thing that make up your look. In fact, accessories are meant to boost what your outfit is as a whole. In doing so, it’s important to give the rest of your outfit the main attention. For example, colored jewelry should follow the color choices you’ve already made. You also have to factor in the other jewelry you’ve chosen as well. While you would like your jewelry and outfit to match, going overboard could result with an overwhelming monochromatic and cluttered style. Another thing to avoid is choosing multiple pieces that are too unique on their own. Jewelry can make a statement, but too many statements can be too loud.

In conclusion, to look the best for Valentine’s Day, you might want to consider getting yourself a gift at a Michigan jewelry store before going out to have a good time.