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Top 4 Spring Jewelry Gifts

Easter Sunday is a special holiday where families gather to celebrate peace and hope and honor renewal and life. Easter celebrations include joyous church services, Easter egg hunts, chocolate bunnies, splendid feasts, and giving gifts to your loved ones. However, this Easter may have felt a little different and not as festive or close with loved ones as usual. This may inspire sharing a perfect gift, jewelry, for the ones you missed this Easter holiday. There are so many designs to choose from, or you can create your own custom jewelry in Lansing, Michigan. Here are the top 4 jewelry gift ideas. 

Spring Jewelry Gifts

Eggs, Bunnies, and Lambs

One of the most recognized symbols for this holiday is the Easter Bunny. It’s adorable and brings children baskets filled with delectable treats. Bunny necklaces, bracelets, and anklets in metals such as stainless steel make great gifts for teenagers. You can also get matching bunny necklaces for your wife and daughter. Another iconic symbol is the Easter egg. For centuries, eggs have been a symbol of fertility and rebirth. In modern times, they are also a pivotal element of Easter lore.

Jewelry with egg-shaped pendants or egg charms is an ideal gift for mothers. If the egg shape isn’t their thing, then get a necklace or pair of earrings in a circular shape. White or pink pearls are a great substitute and can be worn all year.

Lambs are another staple of this spring holiday. Lambs make good Easter jewelry gifts because the cute, fluffy animals are born in spring. And, for those who celebrate the biblical Easter, a lamb symbolizes Jesus, who’s referred to as “the lamb of God.” Lamb pendants carry deep spiritual meaning, so your loved one can wear the piece at any time of the year.

Nature Symbols

Another excellent choice are designs inspired by nature. Nature is in full bloom in the spring, and many natural elements are deeply connected to the holiday traditions of the season. Wildflowers, tree blossoms, and butterflies represent rebirth and resurrection. You could make a lovely bracelet for your daughter or niece using a mix of nature-themed charms. Flowers are an extremely popular jewelry accent this time of year. Lilies are traditionally used in spring celebrations, especially within Christianity. A sterling silver bracelet with a lily charm is a special gift that can be worn to church or Sunday brunch.

Crosses and Saints

For those who are closely connected to their faith, crosses hold special meaning during Easter. The holiday is meant as a celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Giving an elegantly crafted piece of jewelry featuring crosses or saints (or both!) not only complements any outfit but also allows them to express their spiritual love and strength. You should look for a cross that fits the style of the person you are gifting the piece to. Some people prefer small, simple crosses or saints. Others like larger pieces that stand out. Several stores selling custom jewelry in Lansing, Michigan, offer off-center and gemstone charm and pendant designs along with cable, box, and snake style chains.

custom jewelry in Lansing, Michigan

Colorful Gemstones

In spring, nature becomes enveloped in every color of the rainbow and beyond. Colored gemstone jewelry perfectly complements the season and is great for gift giving on Easter Sunday. Pastels reflect the hues of spring flowers bursting from their buds. You see these colors on numerous holiday goodies, such as eggs, candy, clothing, and of course, jewelry. Popular pastel gemstones include pink sapphire, aquamarine, and peridot.

Deep reds and greens hold significant meaning in religion during Easter. Red stands for the bloodshed of Jesus during His resurrection. Green represents resurrection and eternal life. Choose necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings with rubies, emeralds, and similar gemstones. Purple and violet are associated with spring and commonly used during Lent, a religious holiday that occurs around the same time as Easter. These colors signify both royalty and power and penance and humility. Amethyst is the most prevalent purple gemstone. When shopping for gemstone jewelry, think about what colors the person this gift is for loves.

Check out custom jewelry designs by Alex and Ani on our website. If you want to know more about jewelry gifts, email us at info@azzijewelers.com or call to set up a private appointment.  


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