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How to Customize Engagement Ring

The most popular month for proposals is up next. If you’ve already taken a peek at engagement rings in Lansing, Michigan, you know there’s a whole world of dazzling rings out there just waiting to sparkle on the finger of someone special. It’s not too late to find the perfect ring for a Valentine’s Day engagement, but before you choose one, think about creating something unique. In this post, we’ll show you how to customize your love’s engagement ring. What better way to say “marry me” than with a unique piece of jewelry?

How to Customize Engagement Ring

Start with Your Story

Every couple has one, and incorporating your story into your engagement ring lets you share yours with the world. Think about the places you’ve traveled together. Is there a gemstone that reminds you of a favorite destination or activity you shared? If your faith is important, consider an element you can add to the setting. Many couples choose a meaningful scripture, quote, or symbol and have it engraved in the metal. It’s all about symbolism and there are endless ways to add small symbols to the ring that represent your love story.

Choosing the Stones

Diamonds are the traditional stones for engagement rings. You’re not limited to diamonds, and it’s not uncommon to splash color to the ring using other gemstones. Emeralds, rubies, sapphires, and amethysts all make gorgeous center stones. A ring designed with diamonds on the side or surrounding a colored stone looks especially stunning. Or, make the diamond the center stone with smaller colored stones on both sides. Don’t forget about birthstones! They also make a thoughtful and colorful statement in an engagement. If you have a family heirloom, why not use it to create something new from something old? Family history is part of your story, too, and it’s a wonderful way to honor your family.

Make a Statement with Metal

Another aspect of customizing an engagement ring is selecting the band material. The traditional metal for wedding jewelry is gold. Yellow, white, and rose gold all make beautiful custom rings. Yellow gold has a warm sheen, while white gold has a silvery-white color. If you want a ring with a classic or traditional look, both yellow and white gold make an excellent choice. For a vintage-inspired ring, go with the pink shimmer of rose gold. Platinum makes an elegant statement. It’s a little more expensive but a platinum band will last forever. Looking for something trendy? Customize with a palladium, titanium, or stainless steel band.

diamond engagement rings in Lansing, MI

Choose Your Jeweler

We’ve listed this last, but choosing your jeweler at the beginning of the ring design process means you’ll have an experienced designer working with you from the first step. Your jeweler will sit down with you even before you choose the first stone and gather the details about what you’re looking for in a ring. They know you want something your special love will be proud to wear forever, and they’ll work with you to make it happen. When looking for diamond engagement rings in Lansing, MI, look for a jeweler who shares your excitement and your vision. That means finding a reputable jeweler like the experts at Azzi Jewelers. Contact us to schedule a time for you to visit our showroom for guidance in customizing the perfect engagement ring!


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