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7 Fail-Proof Tips to Choose the Best Engagement Rings

December 15th, 2016

Understand the Vocabulary of Diamonds

Diamond engagement rings are a classic choice for romance. In order to buy a good ring, though, you need to understand how diamonds work. When you shop, consider these details:

  • Clarity of the ring, or a clear shine without cloudiness
  • Color of the ring, which should be as white as possible (diamonds are classified from d-z, z diamonds being the least white)
  • Cut of the ring, or the shape of the jewel (princess, baguette, oval, round brilliant, etc.)
  • Carat of the ring, or its size

Know Her Tastes

There are endless styles of women’s rings in Michigan. Your future fiancée will want a ring that is perfectly "her." Consider how she dresses—is she elegant and old-fashioned or youthful and eccentric? Is she fascinated by other time periods, like 1920s culture, or does she love current pop culture?

Consider Her Lifestyle

Is your gal handy or crafty? Does she work in the culinary arts or another industry that requires hands-on activity? Or will a large ring with a single diamond be perfectly safe on her hands?

Also, would she prefer that you purchase a conflict-free diamond? If she is socially conscious, she might insist that her jewels were mined and crafted by humanely treated workers.

Remember Your Budget

Engagement rings are like cars: Their prices can range from affordable to astronomically high. Visit a professional jeweler in your area to discuss your options based on your budget. There is an old-fashioned rule that you should spend the amount of money you earn in 3 months on an engagement ring, but the amount you want to spend is up to you.

Marriage proposal in Michigan

Remember the Wedding Band

There is a more important wedding band than the jazz trio at your reception. Wedding bands are simple rings that are symbolically placed next to the engagement ring during the wedding ceremony (men get their wedding bands during the ceremony, too). When you shop for engagement rings, you need to be sure that there are plenty of wedding bands from Michigan that can fit onto it. If this sounds too complex, many men purchase loose diamonds in Michigan and propose with a brilliant jewel that can then be placed on a band.

Consider Alternatives

There are alternatives to the classic diamond engagement ring, and not engagement tiaras or necklaces. Consider other beautiful jewels, like rubies, emeralds, and more.

Ask for Help

Don't worry if this process seems scary. An engagement ring is meant to wow your future fiancée, after all, and it should be worn for the rest of her life. But there are friends and family members who can offer advice. In addition, a jeweler can help you find the best ring for your special lady. Shopping for engagement rings in Michigan is an important step, but it does not have to be a stressful one.