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5 Important Things to Consider When Buying Loose Diamonds

February 15th, 2017

Loose diamonds in Michigan


The carat, or weight, of a diamond can vary greatly, depending on the piece of jewelry, your budget, and the importance you place on the cut, clarity, and color. Bigger isn’t always better, so consider overall quality when shopping.


The cut refers to the dimensions of the stone, rather than just the overall shape. If a diamond falls within certain dimension ranges, it will reflect more light, giving it that beautiful sparkly quality. The best grades are Ideal/Excellent for brilliant diamonds.

Clarity and Color

Clarity, or the inclusions or imperfections contained in the stone, and color, or the whiteness of the stone, should be looked at in relation to the piece of jewelry you’re considering. Really, these ones come down to how you think the stones look, so carefully examine them in various kinds of light.

What Will It Be Used for?

Of course, keep context in mind. A diamond set in a yellow gold ring will need to look different than one set into a white gold tennis bracelet. Find one that looks beautiful for you and meets your specific needs for best results.