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3 Tips on How You Can Negotiate with Jewelers

When you purchase something like a car or jewelry, it is important that you know what you're doing. You need to know the details of what you are looking for, the style, make, model, background information, everything. One of the most important things you need to know is how to haggle. Negotiating on price is one of the key components in the process of buying or selling anything. Unless you go to a retail store, chances are you can always whittle down the price a bit. In some cases, you can even knock down the price in retail stores! Coupons do exist after all. When you're dealing with jewelers in Michigan you need to know at least three different things about negotiating.

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  • You need to know the right place to buy or sell your jewelry. When you buy a specific appliance, you know exactly which retail store you can get the best deal at. The same thing goes for jewelry. You don't want to get ripped off at all. Tiffany's might be a very popular place to buy diamonds, but it isn't always the smartest. You can get the same quality diamond that Tiffany's has on their shelf in another location for much cheaper. You always want to do your research before selling or buying a diamond in one spot. Don't commit to any decisions in the first store you visit. Always shop around.
  • Go in early. For some reason, jewelers believe that some of the best sales happen at the beginning of the day. Car salesmen believe the same thing. When a business first opens in the morning is when people are at their peak. A few hours after you wake up, you are proven to have more energy and motivation right then than you will throughout your entire day. When the jewelry shop first opens, workers are more eager to make a deal. Whether it's buying or selling a diamond, they may cut you better deals early in the morning than they will later in the day--due to their eagerness to make a sale.

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  • Don't be pressured into making any decisions that you aren't comfortable with. If you don't know exactly what type of jewelry you want, that's okay. Take your time to look around and make a decision comfortably, and on your own without any outside help. Of course if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. You simply have to keep in mind the fact that jewelers want to make a sale. They won't always give you the best deal because they get commission. If you are selling jewelry, be sure not to settle for the first price that they throw at you. Don't be pressured into thinking that is your only option.


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