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The Perfect Cut: Which Diamond Shape Matches Your Style?

October 5th, 2021

Browsing engagement rings is a pass time that many of us find ourselves participating in, even if we’re not engaged! From Pinterest boards to window shopping, it’s undeniably fun to come across a diamond that suits your own individual style, which is why Azzi Jewelers wants to help match you with your perfect shape! Keep reading to learn more about which cut may be right for you!

Round: Classic & Chic

With their magnificent shine and unbeatable brilliance, it is no wonder round-shaped diamonds make up about 75% of all diamond engagement rings sold. Round diamonds are cut with 58 facets, which allow more white light to bounce off the diamond than any other shape. Since this is the most popular cut, there are a large variety of styles to choose from.

Round diamonds are great for fans of timeless fashion and simple elegance, as they can be worn in so many ways! Keep in mind that options for this style are abundant, so if you’re a fan of in-depth shopping, this diamond shape might be your match!

Princess: Modern Elegance

The princess shape offers a modern edge with its geometric cut that is known to create a beautiful contrast of light and darkness. Princess diamonds capture both elements to create a stunning effect when rocked back and forth. Its beautiful silhouette and strong lines make this popular diamond shape a true statement.

This cut is ideal for those who love a little drama in their jewelry. The princess-shaped diamond is both feminine and bold, speaking to a large percentage of modern brides. If you’re shooting for modern elegance, this shape may be for you!

Oval: Delicate Glamour

With 57 to 58 facets, the oval-shaped diamond offers a similar sparkle to a round cut with a unique twist. The feminine cut of the oval diamond beautifully curves and defines the shape of the finger with its elongated silhouette. Oval diamonds look fantastic on their own or with added stones, giving you lots of room for variety.

If you love a simple, romantic style with a unique touch, this shape may be right for you. Oval cuts shine beautifully on a simple band or with added embellishments, giving you a look that is both feminine and elegant while standing out from the crowd.

Emerald: Bold Sophistication

This stunning shape features elongated parallel lines, creating a hall of mirrors effect that draws the eye to the center of the stone. Emerald-cut diamonds pair beautifully with embellishments or diamond accents. For those looking for a traditional emerald cut, strive for a clarity grade of G or higher to get the most out of your diamond. While this shape may take some extra time to research, the unique beauty of the finished product is worth it!

The emerald-shaped diamond is a fabulous option for those who love sophisticated, bold styles. If your look is all about modern beauty, this diamond shape may be right for you!

Pear: Unconventional Extravagance

The pear-shaped diamond offers a stunning teardrop-like cut that is sure to stand out from the rest. This shape is less common, yet just as beautiful with its delicate curves and distinctly pointed tip. Pear-shaped diamonds give off a magnificent sparkle that can stand beautifully on their own or with other accent diamonds.

If you are a fan of chic style and grace with a desire to stand out, this shape is a fabulous option. The unique cut compliments any style, making it a great statement diamond for today’s brides.

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