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Buying Loose Diamonds

Loose diamonds are a great opportunity to find the perfect diamond for custom designed jewelry in Michigan. Though loose diamonds may seem like an easier process than buying a set diamond, finding the best loose diamond can be difficult, especially if you’ve never considered purchasing a diamond before. Here are a few suggestions if you are looking to purchase a loose diamond.


No one likes to budget, but when you are looking for a loose diamond, it’s necessary to set a budget, especially if you are looking to purchase a diamond over a carat. Though loose diamonds are less expensive than set diamonds, they still can get very pricey, depending on the type of diamond you’d like and whether you’d like the top quality diamond.

Be Smart

Shopping for anything expensive can go terribly wrong. Ask anyone who hasn’t done their research before going car shopping. When attempting to purchase a loose diamond, you’ll want to be sure and know what to look for. One of the most difficult things to determine is the cut of a diamond. Because some jewelry stores in Michigan will mislead or misrepresent the quality of a cut, it may be difficult to figure out for yourself whether or not it is a good quality diamond. The best way to determine this is to get a second opinion from another jeweler or an appraiser.


Lastly, you’ll want to be sure and verify your loose diamond while viewing it in person (which is a must). Don’t just ask what the certification says, but ask to see the certification on the diamond yourself. There should be a certification from IGI, GIA, AGS, or EGL. And be sure to ask to see the diamond in a few different lights, to make sure that the certification stands under any of them.

If you are looking for a loose diamond in Michigan, look no further than Azzi Jewelers. They have a large selection of loose diamonds and can help you choose the best one for your piece of jewelry, whether it be an engagement ring, necklace, or anniversary ring.