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Authenticity, warmth, and tradition are the basis for Stuller’s custom jewelry designs of Michigan. Of the wide variety of designers hosted by Azzi Jewelers, Stuller’s styles are as unique as they are inviting.

Tasteful Iconography

Designs by Stuller are a way for traditional icons to find new flair. These cross pendants paint the iconic symbol in modernist, Orthodox, and even Celtic styles that are adaptable to a variety of fashionable expressions.

Pendants of religious icons Jesus, Mary, and Moses give the wearer the opportunity to express their devotion to or intrigue with these figures, with high fashion and crystal quality in mind.

The Star of David Medal, made of ornate silver with the golden commandments in their midst, is another fine demonstration of Stuller’s design character, as are the subtle fish loops in the Sterling Silver Onyx Earrings.

Some of the most distinct iconography in Stuller’s jewelry can be found in the band rings, such as the Ridged Band with Laser Design, which gives a gold-on-black etching of imagery reminiscent of Arthurian courts and English banners.

Sweet Simplicity

Chalcedony rings of Stuller’s preferred gold, ornate variety can be as bohemian or as classic as your ensemble desires. Stuller makes women’s rings of Michigan tasteful and expressive. Take the Genuine Smoky Quartz Ring, for example. Its earthy quality would be just as appropriate with a dark evening gown as it would be with a loose fitting shawl.

Stuller also incorporates some icy silver tones into all of that earthy gold, in pieces like the Grey Pearl Flexible Bangle Bracelet or the Italian Horn Earrings. You can find this elegant simplicity in the Youth Solid Back Round Signet Ring as well, with smooth, carefully detailed lines. These pieces show off hints of minimalism mingled with the theo-mystical nature of other pieces in the collection. Jewelry in Lansing has been enriched by Stuller’s purposeful designs and elegant style.

Some styles are not showing online. Please visit our store for a larger selection! 

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