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Christopher Designs

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The Unique Beauty of a Crisscut Diamond

For the past 15 years, Christopher Slowinski's Crisscut diamonds have been unlike anything seen anywhere else in the world of diamonds. Ever since the native of Poland introduced his unique style of cutting a diamond to maximize its beauty in 1998, Lansing jewelers have been pairing his brilliant stones with equally beautiful rings, providing a level of brilliance that have made these rings highly prized as engagement rings for brides throughout Michigan.

The feature that sets Crisscut diamonds apart from other diamonds is their plethora of facets, creating more spaces for light to shine brilliantly through the diamond and show off its true beauty. The original emerald Crisscut featured 77 facets, compared to the standard 46. The result is a diamond that is not only a marvel in terms of craftsmanship, but also a true gemstone that displays a perfect balance of brilliance, fire, and scintillation whenever light reflects through it. When Lansing jewelers pair it with the perfect ring that complements the stone's beauty, they forge a creation as special and unique as the bride who wears it on her finger.

With five styles of diamonds available to be set as your stone, matching the perfect Crisscut diamond to the ring of your desire is an easy process for Lansing jewelers. In addition to the original emerald cut, Crisscut diamonds are available in round, cushion, Asscher, and L'Amour cuts, allowing you to match your perfect stone to your perfect ring and create a symbol of love that truly is one of a kind. Each Crisscut diamond is inspected after being cut at Slowinski's factory in New York and then inspected again when it arrives in Michigan before being crafted into your ring. With this much attention to detail and commitment to quality, a Crisscut diamond is a truly precious piece of jewelry that you and your family will treasure for years to come.

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