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A. Jaffe Jewelry in Michigan

Relationships take time to build and shape. They require care, commitment, and a personal touch. Engagement rings in Michigan should be no different. Azzi Jewelers carries many top-rated designer jewelry pieces. One of the stunning collections is by A. Jaffe, which has been in business for 120 years. The experience of more than a century of precision and creativity is apparent in each exquisite piece. Each ring that they make is hand-crafted by skilled artisans. There is no mass production line where uniqueness and quality craftsmanship gets lost. A. Jaffe represents custom jewelry in Michigan very well, and here’s why.

Quality Materials

A. Jaffe uses the best materials for each ring they make. The rings are made with the highest grade of gold, and there is never any nickel. These standards allow A. Jaffe jewelry to be hypoallergenic. The diamonds are harvested in a responsible and safe manner, and each diamond is thoroughly examined for brilliance and purity. After this hand-selected process, the diamonds are cut and polished with precision. These jewelers don’t compromise their craft by introducing inferior products into their jewelry. A. Jaffe jewelers are trained to work with only the very best of materials so that every hour spent on each piece is well worth the effort.

Personal Attention to Detail

A. Jaffe is definitely a cut above the rest when it comes to custom jewelry design in Michigan. The practiced hands of expert jewelry artisans handle each unique piece from beginning to end. There are different methods that master jewelers use to cast and cut bridal jewelry. A. Jaffe craftsmen spend more time to cast their rings and then employ extra burnishing and polishing stages to ensure that each ring is smoother and sleeker than the competition. Hand-set diamonds and an eye for dazzling the imagination make these luxury pieces a treasure that will be enjoyed for generations.

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