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Build Your Own

Ring Builder

There are so many beautiful and unique engagement rings in the world—but there is something to be said about having a custom designed engagement ring, made by the person you love and trust most in this world. Though designing a ring for someone can be really time consuming and possibly frightening, it ends up being extremely worth it. For many people, having a ring that is just their own is one of the most special things that can happen. And with that ring symbolizing the love you have for each other, this is the perfect opportunity to make something extremely memorable. But, most of the time, custom jewelry is extremely time consuming and can take away from the moment. With our online Ring Builder, Azzi Jewelers makes it easy to make something completely custom and beautiful. From the choice of diamond, choice of setting, and color of metal, you have complete control over the ring of her dreams. With over 400 different types of settings, 7 different types of metal, and 10 different types of diamonds from an unlimited amount of loose diamonds in Michigan, there’s an almost infinite amount of combinations to make a truly customizable diamond engagement ring. If you are looking for custom designed jewelry in Michigan, whether men’s rings in Michigan or women’s rings in Michigan, be sure to check out Azzi Jewelers for all of your custom jewelry needs.

Ring Builder