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Give a Stylish Watch for Father’s Day

WATCHES The art of telling time seems to be fading into our back pockets. Ask the person next to you for the time, and inevitably, they’ll reach into their jeans and pull out a phone with a digital display. Keeping time with a stylish wristwatch is a traditional look that deserves maintaining. With Father’s Day approaching, consider which men's watch in Lansing will match your dad's unique style.

The History of Telling Time

Time is one of our world’s foundational properties. Although not nearly as urgently as we do now, the first humans kept time in nature, following the rotation and shadow displays of the sun.

In the early 1920’s, John Harwood, a British watch repairman, changed history by inventing the self-winding wristwatch. During the past century, the automatic watch has morphed into category-focused industries, including sport watches, fashion watches, collectible timepieces, and even waterproof models.

Fashion watches for every generation, gender, and age evolved over time. Women's watches featured slim bands with elegant features. Kids' watches flitted through every malleable material, displaying faces of commercialized characters. But men's watches, especially the Rolex, have steadfastly stayed true to their sleek, high-end design.

Stylish Watches for Father’s Day Gifts


Watches made of materials found in nature may be perfect for the man in your life. If your father is a down-to-earth soul, consider one made of wood, leather, or fashioned from Para cord.


Rolex watches in Lansing, MI, make the perfect, luxury gift for him. A Rolex is the symbol of class accepted by watchmakers. And although one size may fit all, every watch comes with a unique history.


Personalize your gift with a loving message or a simple date. Emboss a photo on the face of the watch or create a family heirloom by engraving his initials.

Ensure the art of telling time keeps its fashion quality. Tell your dad he’s the best by surprising him with one of the many Rolex watches in Lansing.