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Azzi Jewelers | Our Blog | Lansing, MI

  • Why We Won the LCN 2017 People's Choice Awards

    diamondEarning a people's choice award isn't easy. Every business wants the bragging rights to claim an award, but putting in the effort every day is another matter altogether. Continue reading

  • Buy Custom Designed Jewelry This Thanksgiving

    Buying seasonal jewelry for yourself or a loved one can bring an extra spark of magic to the holidays. You don't need to settle for common bracelets, earrings, or necklaces that are mass-produced. Custom jewelry design options offer you a way to show Thanksgiving spirit in an individual way, with autumn colors, leaf-shaped settings and designs, or a cornucopia of different stones. With a wide range of precious metals, stones, and settings, you can find the right way to show your thankfulness, festiveness, and autumn flare during your family and friend events. Continue reading

  • Unique Diamond Pendant Necklaces

  • What Will Go In Your Box?

  • Tricolored Sterling Silver Necklace

  • The L'amour Diamond

  • Buying Custom Jewelry This Halloween

    Elegant ring with blue topaz

    Everyone knows that jewelry makes an excellent gift, and it doesn't always have to be an anniversary for it to be a great treat. This Halloween, you can surprise that special someone, or even a family member or dear friend, with a piece of jewelry just for them. Of course, if they're a bit difficult to shop for, you might be wondering if you can find anything that will really work. Custom jewelry can be a great way to satisfy anyone's taste, and it's much more affordable than you may

    Continue reading

  • How to Check the Authenticity of Jewelry

    Checking a Bracelet’s Authenticity

    Unfortunately, not all the jewelry that’s being sold out there is legitimate. Scammers can make a decent amount off of selling fake jewelry because it’s difficult for the layperson to know what’s real and what’s not. In order to keep you from being duped, here’s a quick list of things to check for to ensure what you’re getting is authentic.

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  • Buy Custom Designed Jewelry This Labor Day


    This Labor Day, you'll find a great selection and fantastic offers on custom-designed jewelry.


    Custom jewelry allows you to have an exclusive, one-of-a-kind piece that is tailored precisely to your style and needs. Whether you prefer something simple and classic, trendy and fashionable, Continue reading

  • Importance of GIA Certification While Buying Engagement Rings


    While everyone has their own jewelry favorites and preferences, there is no piece more important than an engagement ring. The love, commitment, and once-in-a-lifetime nature of this ring in particular make it uniquely meaningful and treasured. The right diamond will make the ring even more special, valuable, and beautiful, bringing a smile to her face each time she sees it catch the light. Not all diamonds are created equal, however, so it is important to shop around to find the perfect one. Read on to learn about engagement rings in Michigan, GIA certifications, and what to look for when you shop for a diamond.

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