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Ways to Wear Your Engagement Ring and Wedding Band

Ways to Wear Bridal Jewelry

There is no wrong way to wear an engagement ring or wedding band. These romantic and luxurious jewelry treasures symbolize a lifetime of love and commitment, so they are meant to be worn most of the time. Much tradition is intertwined with these beautiful accessories, especially when it comes to ring placement. What hand do you wear a ring on? Do you wear both rings at the same time? The answer ultimately depends on the wearer’s preference. There are many popular ways to wear bridal jewelry, and here are a few options to consider.

Rings on the Left

Wearing bridal rings on the left hand is the most common fashion in Western cultures. Both the engagement ring and wedding band are worn on the ring finger. This tradition is derived from the Ancient Roman belief that the left hand’s ring finger was connected to the heart via the “Vena Amoris” – the “vein of love.” While today we know every finger is connected to the heart in some way, this tradition has remained the norm in many cultures. As far as order is concerned, some assert that you should wear the band underneath the ring, putting the band on first before stacking the ring on top. Of course, do whatever you prefer.

Rings on the Right

Although less popular in America, wearing bridal rings on your right hand is just as valid. Doing so is more common in some Eastern and North Europe countries like Russia, Poland, and Denmark. It is also relatively common in Asian countries, including India. Interestingly enough, in Brazil, couples will wear the band on one hand until after they say their wedding vows, after which they will change hands. For non-cultural reasons, some may prefer to wear their rings on the other hand if it feels more comfortable or simply suits them better.

Wedding Band Solo

Unlike engagement rings, wedding bands have a relatively understated silhouette. Most men prefer to wear their wedding bands alone (although, traditionally, men do not have engagement rings). This style is more comfortable and easy for everyday wear. Many women enjoy wearing their wedding bands solo as well, especially if they are on the go. Of course, one could keep their engagement ring and wear it on special occasions and formal affairs.

Find Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands at Azzi Jewelers

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