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Tips to Finding Your Ring Size

Tips for Finding Your Ring Size

Accurate ring size is exceedingly important, especially when it comes to sentimentally valuable pieces, such as engagement rings. You must find the ring size that allows for maximum comfort and prevents the ring from falling off or moving around on your finger. The ideal fit ensures the ring hugs your finger yet slides over the knuckle relatively easily. There are a variety of methods of finding your ring size that our team at Azzi Jewelers has compiled for your benefit.

Visit a Jeweler

One of the most dependable methods of finding your ring size is to visit a jeweler. You probably will not want to make a trip just for this, so ask your jeweler to size your finger the next time you are shopping for rings. They will likely have a ring sizer on hand that can give you a most accurate reading.

Get a Ring Sizer

Ring sizes are relatively easy to acquire, so you do not have to make a special trip to a jewelry store. Some jewelers will even send you a ring sizer in the mail for free to ensure you will not need to return the piece you buy or have it resized. You can also find these online, many of them costing less than $10.

Printable Ring Sizer

This is a great, cost-effective option and is widely available online. Some printable sizers require you to have a ring on hand that fits you comfortably. You then lay the ring over the circles to find the one that most closely matches the size of your ring. Others feature measuring tools that you cut out and wrap around your finger to find your size.

String and Ruler Method

Another reliable method is to use a piece of string and a ruler. Wrap the string around your finger and mark where it meets, forming a comfortable but snug circle around your finger. Then lay the string flat and measure its length. You can find centimeter-to-ring size conversion charts online to tell you your exact ring size.

Pro-Tip: Measure Your Knuckle as Well

For those whose knuckles are a slightly different size than the base of their finger, this tip will help find an accurate size, as your ring needs to fit comfortably but also be able to slide over the knuckle. First, measure the base of the finger, then the knuckle, and opt for a size between the two.

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