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Engagement Rings FAQ

Engagement Ring FAQs

Engagement Ring FAQs

Engagement rings are worn as celebrations and symbols of a couple's everlasting commitment to love, cherish, and support one another for the rest of their lives. It makes sense, then, that much careful thought and deliberation goes into selecting the perfect engagement ring for one’s partner. However, the sheer variety available in bridal jewelry can make choosing these rings daunting. Our team of experts at Azzi Jewelers is here to help. We’ve answered a list of frequently asked questions about engagement rings and engagement ring shopping to make your experience as pleasant and easy as possible.

Why Do We Wear Engagement Rings?

#1: Why Do We Wear Engagement Rings?

When planning your engagement proposal, you may wonder, why do we give engagement rings in the first place? Where did this practice originate, and is it one I want to continue with my partner? There are several stories and accounts of the first engagement rings. Archduke Maximilian of Austria gave the first official recorded engagement ring to Mary of Burgundy. The stones were arranged in an M shape.

In the 1900s, engagement rings became more popular and were given as assurance that if her suitor were to break his promise to marry her and leave her virtue in question to future suitors, she would at least have the ring as collateral.

Today, engagement rings are still a symbol of promise, with a more wholesome message of love and commitment behind them. They are given as a precursor to the wedding to come. Diamonds are used in most engagement rings because their impeccable beauty and incomparable strength symbolize marital love's purity and enduring nature. These rings serve as a reminder of one’s affection until the wedding day, when a wedding band will be added to create the bridal stack.

Why Are Engagement Rings Worn On the Left Ring Finger?

#2: Why Are Engagement Rings Worn On the Left Ring Finger?

The significance of the left ring finger dates back to ancient Egyptian and Roman times. It was believed by many people that there was a vein in the left ring finger that ran directly to the heart. Rings, circular and unending in shape, were said to represent eternal love. So these symbols of love were placed over the vein of love to represent the ultimate romantic commitment.

Today this tradition is continued, though perhaps blindly. Most of us are so accustomed to this tradition that we will often assume one’s marital status based on the presence or absence of a ring on the left ring finger. Some Chinese and European cultures have other particular reasoning behind wearing engagement rings on certain fingers. However, it is entirely up to the couple on which finger to wear the engagement ring and wedding bands.

Most Common Engagement Ring Stone Cuts

#3: What Are the Most Common Engagement Ring Stone Cuts

The cut of the center stones helps to determine the overall aesthetic and style of one’s engagement ring. It is essential to consider all options to find the cut most representative of one’s unique personality and aesthetic preferences. The following are some of the most common diamond or gemstone cuts one will have to choose from.

  • Round: This cut makes up 75% of all diamonds on the market. Its perfectly circular shape is timeless and elegant. This is one of the most popular cuts because of its unparalleled brilliance.
  • PrincessThe princess cut is characterized by a distinctive square shape that is wonderfully modern and eye-catching. They are wonderfully brilliant and less expensive than the classic round cut.
  • CushionSimilar to the princess cut, the cushion cut is squared with rounded corners, resembling a pillow or a cushion. This cut has been around for centuries. Many of the most famous diamonds in the world, including the Hope diamond, are cut in this shape.
  • OvalThe oval cut possesses much of the brilliance of the classic round cut but features an elongated silhouette. These diamonds are feminine and enchanting, loved by many for their ability to make the finger of the wearer appear longer and more slender.
  • Pear ShapeAlso known as the teardrop cut, pear shaped diamonds are rounded at one end and pointed at the other to form a water droplet shape. These cuts offer a unique effect, as most other cuts are symmetrical horizontally and vertically.
  • EmeraldEmerald cut rings are rectangular and allow the wearer a clear view into the heart of the stone, so only high-quality diamonds must be used for this cut. Parallel rectangular facets create a mesmerizing hall-of-mirrors effect.

Most Popular Engagement Ring Settings

#4: What Are the Most Popular Engagement Ring Settings

A ring’s setting refers to everything other than the center stone, and its purpose is both to hold the stone securely in place and emphasize its unique beauty. You should consider the following are some of the most popular engagement ring settings.

  • SolitaireThis is the most timeless of engagement ring settings, characterized by only the band and center stone, allowing the stone to take the spotlight.
  • Three StoneThese rings feature a center stone and two smaller, usually identically cut and arranged, that flank the center stone on either side. This setting symbolizes a romantic relationship's past, present, and future.
  • HaloHalo rings are wonderfully sparkling, featuring a center stone surrounded by a circle, halo, or tiny accent stones. This setting reflects more light and makes the center stone appear more prominent.
  • Side StoneSide stone rings have accent diamonds or gems set into the ring's band via channel, prong, pave, or bezel settings. These bring added shine and visual interest to the band, drawing the eye toward the sparkling center stone.

How Much Are You Supposed to Spend?

#5: How Much Are You Supposed to Spend?

Many of us have heard the saying that one should spend two months’ salary on their partner’s engagement ring. For some, however, this would put them in much too tight a spot financially, and for others, their income is a bit more flexible to make a more expensive ring possible.

The main focus when buying an engagement ring should be to buy the most high-quality, durable ring that can comfortably be afforded. Your engagement ring can always be upgraded with a larger center stone, or the addition of accent stones or design elements down the line as the two of you grow together. Consult with your partner and financial advisors to set a budget for your engagement ring and allow your jewelry to lead you through their selection in that price range. Determine essential design elements for you and your partner and prioritize those in your search.

Shop Engagement Rings at Azzi Jewelers

Shop Engagement Rings at Azzi Jewelers

We at Azzi Jewelers understand the significance one’s engagement ring holds and are ever willing to help you find the piece that best suits your budget and your partner’s unique aesthetic. Our Lansing jewelry stores houses a truly unparalleled selection of engagement rings by world-renowned designers sure to please a wide range of aesthetic preferences and even the most discerning of tastes. Allow our experienced and amiable staff to guide you through our selection to find the piece that perfectly symbolizes your unique love story. Request an appointment for a personalized consultation with one of our team members today.

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