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Azzi Jewelers | Our Blog | Lansing, MI

  • 5 Reasons Why Custom Designed Jewelry Is a Good Choice

    Custom Rings
    If you're looking for a memorable gift for someone you love for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, a birthday, anniversary, or an engagement, consider custom designed jewelry. It tells the recipient that you think he or she is so special and unique, that only a special, unique, one-of-a-kind gift designed specifically with them in mind will do. It communicates the true significance of the relationship and dramatically increases its sentimental value. Jewelers in Michigan can help you create a custom designed jewelry gift that will be treasured for years. Continue reading

  • 5 Important Things to Consider When Buying Loose Diamonds

    Loose diamonds in MichiganBuying loose diamonds in Michigan is often a much smarter way to get a quality diamond than choosing a piece of jewelry that is already complete with its stones. You can also usually get a better value for your money when shopping this way. Whether you are wanting to complete an engagement ring, create the perfect diamond stud earrings, or something else entirely, read on for 4 important things to consider when shopping for loose diamonds.


    The carat, or weight, of a diamond can vary greatly, depending on the piece of jewelry, your budget, and the importance you place on the cut, clarity, and color. Bigger isn’t always better, so consider overall quality when shopping.


    The cut refers to the dimensions of the stone, rather than just the overall shape. If a diamond falls within certain dimension ranges, it will reflect more light, giving it that beautiful sparkly quality. The best grades are Ideal/Excellent for brilliant diamonds.

    Clarity and Color

    Clarity, or the inclusions or imperfections contained in the stone, and color, or the whiteness of the stone, should be looked at in relation to the piece of jewelry you’re considering. Really, these ones come down to how you think the stones look, so carefully examine them in various kinds of light.

    What Will It Be Used for?

    Of course, keep context in mind. A diamond set in a yellow gold ring will need to look different than one set into a white gold tennis bracelet. Find one that looks beautiful for you and meets your specific needs for best results.

  • Best Valentine’s Day Jewelry Gifts

    Heart-shaped diamonds in MichiganJewelry and Valentine’s Day go together like peanut butter and jelly. If you’re looking into the ideal Valentine’s Day jewelry gift for your significant other, then check out these tips on how to figure out what the best option would be.

    Know Her Style

    There are many different types of styles for jewelry. If you aren’t an expert on feminine styles, then you may want to take inventory before the day of reckoning. Understanding her jewelry style doesn’t need to be that complicated—just pay attention to what she already wears. That’s it! Are there flowers etched into that ring on her left hand? Or does it have simple lines and a single stone? Does she like pearl necklaces? Or is she more often wearing long, stringy necklaces with geometric patterns? Noticing these little details will help you deduce what kind of jewelry she might like, and might not.

    Pick Your Polish

    Some people like different earrings, and others prefer bracelets. Try to pick up on what she likes to wear the most of, and then adjust your purchase plans. Of course, if you’re trying to go for the more extravagant, there are certain timeless pieces that anyone would love, like diamond earrings. Get an idea of what particular item of jewelry you want to get her, and then you can start narrowing down your search. You can choose a metal, like rose gold or silver, and pair it with the appropriate gems, based off of what you’ve deduced about her style.

    Heart-shaped pendants in Michigan


    A beautiful golden bracelet is such a thoughtful gift idea, but you know what takes it to the next level? Having it custom designed can. Whether it’s choosing the details of a jewel shape and ring base style or getting something specially engraved, there are several ways to make the jewelry piece that much more nuanced to their particular tastes and the particular aspects of your relationship with each other. Words of affection, or perhaps a favorite saying, make great engraving ideas to have etched into the inside of a bracelet or a ring, something that they can look at whenever they wear it and think of you.

    The key to all of your jewelry searching is that you’re just looking for a way to express your affection, and to share with them something that embodies how you feel about them. Wanting to express to them the positive way that you see them, and to hint at the nuances and quirks of your relationship to each other, is what can make Valentine’s Day a lot more fun.

  • Trending Designs That Beautify a Woman's Hand

    When you decide that it's finally time to pop the question one of the first things you need to do is choose a ring. Finding the perfect engagement ring can quickly become an overwhelming process. There is a wide variety of ring types, styles, and designs to choose from. Fortunately, there are experts who can help you narrow down your selection and find that perfect ring. To help you do your research and prepare, let’s examine some of the current trends in rings that will make your fiancé’s hand look even more beautiful.

    Rings in a Jewelry Box

    • Color – Accent stones of color make the ring stand out. The color could be provided by a colored diamond or other stone, such as an emerald, ruby, or sapphire. These stones will enhance the natural beauty of the ring and give it a unique look that will separate it from the standard single color rings. Often you can choose from loose diamonds or stones to create the perfect accent.
    • Square band – Square bands are not common, but have many advantages over a round band. For one, they give the ring a unique look. Secondly, they are also more comfortable than a traditional round band. A square keeps the blood flowing in your finger because it doesn’t constrict like a round band.
    • Double shank – Why have only one band when you could have two? Two bands mean more places to put diamonds to give your engagement ring an even more elegant look. The unique look will certainly be a conversation starter among your friends.
    • Mixed metals – Combining different types of metals into a single ring helps it stand out and gives it a sophisticated and elegant look. One option is a mixed metal halo, where the stone is set in a different metal than the rest of the ring. This will make the stone look larger and provide it with a unique accent.
    • East west setting – This setting turns an engagement ring on its side, literally. Typically, an oval setting, this ring rotates the oval 90 degrees, placing the long side of the oval lengthwise on the band. It takes a traditional oval and gives it an exciting new twist, which will make it a conversation starter.

    Rings on Display

    Once you have decided that you want to spend the rest of your life with your significant other, the time has come to find the perfect ring. One great idea when you’re getting close to the right moment is to go window shopping for various women’s rings here in Michigan. Figure out what she likes ahead of time and you’ll be sure to amaze her when you pop the question.

  • 3 Tips on How You Can Negotiate with Jewelers

    Jeweler at WorkWhen you purchase something like a car or jewelry, it is important that you know what you're doing. You need to know the details of what you are looking for, the style, make, model, background information, everything. One of the most important things you need to know is how to haggle. Negotiating on price is one of the key components in the process of buying or selling anything. Unless you go to a retail store, chances are you can always whittle down the price a bit. In some cases, you can even knock down the price in retail stores! Coupons do exist after all. When you're dealing with jewelers in Michigan you need to know at least three different things about negotiating.

    • You need to know the right place to buy or sell your jewelry. When you buy a specific appliance, you know exactly which retail store you can get the best deal at. The same thing goes for jewelry. You don't want to get ripped off at all. Tiffany's might be a very popular place to buy diamonds, but it isn't always the smartest. You can get the same quality diamond that Tiffany's has on their shelf in another location for much cheaper. You always want to do your research before selling or buying a diamond in one spot. Don't commit to any decisions in the first store you visit. Always shop around.
    • Go in early. For some reason, jewelers believe that some of the best sales happen at the beginning of the day. Car salesmen believe the same thing. When a business first opens in the morning is when people are at their peak. A few hours after you wake up, you are proven to have more energy and motivation right then than you will throughout your entire day. When the jewelry shop first opens, workers are more eager to make a deal. Whether it's buying or selling a diamond, they may cut you better deals early in the morning than they will later in the day--due to their eagerness to make a sale.Jeweler at Work
    • Don't be pressured into making any decisions that you aren't comfortable with. If you don't know exactly what type of jewelry you want, that's okay. Take your time to look around and make a decision comfortably, and on your own without any outside help. Of course if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. You simply have to keep in mind the fact that jewelers want to make a sale. They won't always give you the best deal because they get commission. If you are selling jewelry, be sure not to settle for the first price that they throw at you. Don't be pressured into thinking that is your only option.


  • Designing Custom Jewelry for Your Loved Ones

    Jeweler at work in MichiganEveryone knows that jewelry makes a personal and lovely gift for your loved ones Whether your statement is meant to be sentimental, romantic, or friendly, custom options are a great way to step up your game. From gold earrings to wedding bands in Michigan, the process of designing custom jewelry can be fun and meaningful. Certain steps are necessary and helpful during this process, so read on to learn more about creating your own custom jewelry for someone else.

    The Research Stage

    The research stage is really twofold. First, you must find out what your loved one prefers and loves when it comes to jewelry. Is she an earring person? Does he love classic watches? Does she love white gold, or does he prefer a trendy rose gold? Take into account the person’s size, style, stone and metal preferences, and other details that will help you create something that they will truly love and want to wear.

    The second stage involves gathering ideas. The internet is an excellent resource, since there are unlimited pictures you can peruse in order to nail down some specific and beautiful ideas.

    The Consulting Stage

    Once you have an idea of what your loved one likes and prefers, as well as a more specific idea of what you would like to create, it’s time to head in and start your creation. Professionals who specialize in custom jewelry design in Michigan can help you at this stage by showing you the options available, working with your budget, and creating an image as per your requests. Since your piece will be created from scratch, you are only limited by your imagination and your desired budget. You can use any combination of metals, stones, chains, or shapes that you desire, and your jeweler can help you make sure they all come together for the piece of jewelry.

    Rings in Michigan

    The Creation Stage

    After making sure that the idea you’ve come up with in your head matches the image the jeweler shows you, they will be able to mold and create your unique piece of jewelry. Depending on your needs, your timeline, and the complexity of your creation, you can get an estimate for how long this process will take.

    The Giving Stage

    Of course, after all the work of coming up with the perfect design and creating the perfect gift, the best reward is seeing your loved one actually open and enjoy the gift, appreciate your efforts, and wear the jewelry for many years to come.

  • Ways That Custom Jewelry Beats Mass-Produced

    When it comes to your relationships, each one is unique and includes memories and moments that are completely special. If your friendships and love can't be duplicated, why should the gifts you present to your loved ones not be unique? Continue reading

  • Why You Should Always Choose Custom Designed Jewelry

    Buying a gift for someone can seem like a difficult problem. After all, there are many times that a gift can't convey what you feel about the person. Fortunately, for the creative and the smart, problems are opportunities in disguise. At Azzi Jewelers in Michigan, we know that getting the right gift can be very simple indeed. Custom made jewelry will always be the right choice when you need a gift that says volumes about how you feel about someone. Continue reading

  • 7 Fail-Proof Tips to Choose the Best Engagement Rings

    If you are a man shopping for a women's engagement ring, you might be overwhelmed by your choices. Where do you begin? Shopping for men's rings in Michigan—which are simple and less detailed than women's—might stump you, so how do you find a perfect ring for the woman you love, a ring that she will absolutely love? Use these 7 smart tips so you can begin shopping for engagement rings in Michigan.

    Understand the Vocabulary of Diamonds

    Diamond engagement rings are a classic choice for romance. In order to buy a good ring, though, you need to understand how diamonds work. When you shop, consider these details:

    • Clarity of the ring, or a clear shine without cloudiness
    • Color of the ring, which should be as white as possible (diamonds are classified from d-z, z diamonds being the least white)
    • Cut of the ring, or the shape of the jewel (princess, baguette, oval, round brilliant, etc.)
    • Carat of the ring, or its size

    Know Her Tastes

    There are endless styles of women’s rings in Michigan. Your future fiancée will want a ring that is perfectly "her." Consider how she dresses—is she elegant and old-fashioned or youthful and eccentric? Is she fascinated by other time periods, like 1920s culture, or does she love current pop culture?

    Consider Her Lifestyle

    Is your gal handy or crafty? Does she work in the culinary arts or another industry that requires hands-on activity? Or will a large ring with a single diamond be perfectly safe on her hands?

    Also, would she prefer that you purchase a conflict-free diamond? If she is socially conscious, she might insist that her jewels were mined and crafted by humanely treated workers.

    Marriage proposal in Michigan

    Remember Your Budget

    Engagement rings are like cars: Their prices can range from affordable to astronomically high. Visit a professional jeweler in your area to discuss your options based on your budget. There is an old-fashioned rule that you should spend the amount of money you earn in 3 months on an engagement ring, but the amount you want to spend is up to you.

    Remember the Wedding Band

    There is a more important wedding band than the jazz trio at your reception. Wedding bands are simple rings that are symbolically placed next to the engagement ring during the wedding ceremony (men get their wedding bands during the ceremony, too). When you shop for engagement rings, you need to be sure that there are plenty of wedding bands from Michigan that can fit onto it. If this sounds too complex, many men purchase loose diamonds in Michigan and propose with a brilliant jewel that can then be placed on a band.

    Consider Alternatives

    There are alternatives to the classic diamond engagement ring, and not engagement tiaras or necklaces. Consider other beautiful jewels, like rubies, emeralds, and more.

    Ask for Help

    Don't worry if this process seems scary. An engagement ring is meant to wow your future fiancée, after all, and it should be worn for the rest of her life. But there are friends and family members who can offer advice. In addition, a jeweler can help you find the best ring for your special lady. Shopping for engagement rings in Michigan is an important step, but it does not have to be a stressful one.

  • Selecting the Best Diamond Stud Earrings

    If you are in the market for a stunning set of diamond earrings, you know that there are a lot of jewelry stores in Lansing, MI. They all have different prices and different styles of earrings, and you may not be able to tell the difference between a good set of earrings and something of lesser quality. At Azzi Jewelers, we want to make sure that everyone gets a great set of earrings no matter where they buy from. Here are some things to consider when buying a set of diamond earrings. Continue reading

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